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Having the Courage to Think Beyond Your Imagination

Do you have the desire to think beyond what you currently see? If so, keep reading this article! I'm so glad that God has shown me the error in my thinking down through the years. It's still a constant work even now!

Two years ago I decided to make the idea of becoming a life coach a reality. I knew there was more to my purpose than what I was currently experiencing, but I was sort of stuck on how to get there.

I always knew that I love to help people. As a psychology major and a professional counseling student, I've always desired to own my own practice. Well, I knew there would be a chance that as I got closer to the end of the road of finishing, it was a possibility that I would not be able to find an internship.

Just as sure as I thought it, it became so. However, the beauty in my testimony is that I was able to press through the pain and disappointment to see the bigger picture of what was in front of me, and that lead me into PURPOSE!

Even when it looked like my destiny was delayed, God was showing me a bigger picture all along. Sometimes man has his own thoughts and plans, but God's purpose prevails over them all. When you have the courage to think beyond your imagination, your purpose can take you further than what your mind can comprehend!

The unimaginable can happen!!!! I never imagined myself impacting society, by coaching others into purpose and speaking to large crowds, much less traveling to train at corporate organizations. If I had listened to the voices in my head, or the small thinkers that was around me, I wouldn't be where I am today. Have the courage to be bold and think higher, beyond generational cycles of setbacks and settling, dead end jobs that rob you of joy and purpose, small thinkers who have no desire in life but to simply make it!!!

Your purpose is greater than that!!!!

If you want to know how to have the courage to think beyond your imagination, read these tips:

  1. Start exposing yourself to people who may not look like, or think like you. Building relationships with people who are further along than you helps to expand your mind of the possibilities that are before you.

  2. Start daring to be brave and using your imagination to travel or see your future further along than where you are right now. Write down the vision and begin to read it and work on it, in bits and pieces.

  3. Embrace the idea of anything is possible to those who believe! You must learn how to open your capacity to recieve and get rid of limiting beliefs that hold you back.

These are just a few tips that I would like to share with you. If you are interested in more, subscribe to recieve blogs and more information on how you can become the best version of yourself. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for daily inspiration.


Shontorial P. Gilbert

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