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Speaking Engagements
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Life has been one of my greatest teachers! Most of my planning did not include the obstacles I had to overcome, the heartache I had to suffer, neither the trials that put my faith to the test. Because of my chosen path, I have a great desire to share with others the lessons I have learned, how I overcame, and valuable nuggets I wish I had known along the way.


After the journey, I gained the gift of equipping and empowering by teaching. The most exciting aspect of life now is that I am still learning! The difference between then and now is the growth and maturity to gracefully endure. In my teachings, I use real life application in Women's Ministry, Ministry Events, Conferences & Marriage & Family Workshops. 

My teachings can be catered to the needs of the event or whatever theme you desire to achieve. I am eager to support you in meeting the needs of others!  

"What People are Saying"

"Shontorial Gilbert's profound insight adds depth and a new perspective to almost any intellectuall discussion. Her ability to connect with the audience virtually and in person is one of her greatest assests. Smart, positive and confident, she adds value in so many ways."

-Adrick Ingram

Facebook Live Discussion Host

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