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Saturday, February 25, 2023: Time: 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Festival Hall, 201 N Main Street, Greensboro, Georgia 30642

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Certified Purpose Coach, public speaker, and author of “I Have To Write It Down: 30 Days Of Walking In Purpose,” Shontorial Gilbert proudly announces the 2023 Women on Fire, Ignite Your Purpose conference at Festival Hall, Downtown, Greensboro, Ga. The Saturday women’s empowerment event will feature Renata Warnell-Culver and Pastor Corey Williams, Sr. as the guest speakers.

Women On Fire: Ignite Your Purpose is eager to announce 4 years of empowering and bringing women together from all walks of life and cultures, through faith and empowerment. This year's vision is to bring both women and men together for the 4th annual Women On Fire Conference. Women On Fire 2023 will empower both genders to build strong family units in society by tearing down barriers as well as shedding light on how to break generational cycles that keep individuals stuck or repeating the same patterns, habits and behaviors from generation to generation. The Conference theme for 2023 is: BREAKING GENERATIONAL CURSES. Women On Fire will showcase a variety of speakers from experts in specific industry areas, faith leaders, and individuals whose lives have been impacted and influenced by Women On Fire and through life coaching. Topics we will cover are: Mental, physical, and emotional health, how to manage stress, breaking the cycle of living in poverty and trauma, empowering individuals how to let go of limiting beliefs to develop a healthier mindset, finances, and how to stop the cycle of negative generational cycles.


Host and panelist Shontorial Gilbertand MCee Dawn Brake will lead the event’s agenda from 10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Women On Fire speakers include: Host-Shontorial P. Gilbert, Speaker, Pastor Corey Williams Sr., Speaker- Renata Warnell-Culver, MCee-Dawn Brake, Panelist: Renee Warnell Culver, Kevin Vaugn, Positve B. White, Gwen Burno, Jakela Lester, and Dr. Itora Edet.

Wome On Fire will kick off with praise & worship! Vendors are welcomed. 


Meet Renata Harry

Renata is a servant of the most High God, loving wife and mother. Among her many roles, she is known as stylist, empowerment speaker, and  real-estate agent of Atlanta, Ga. She is a dynamic speaker, and passionate about empowering women to become the best version of themselves. 

Meet Pastor Corey S. Williams Sr.

Pastor Corey Williams Sr. is a Husband , father, entreprenuer, pastor and faith leader of Mount Zion Baptist Church. Among his many roles, he is also the honorable mayor of the City of Greensboro, Ga. He is also a dynamic speaker that speaks with wisdom, power, and authority.

Meet Shontorial P. Gilbert

 Meet Shontorial. Shontorial's mission is to make a global impact coaching and training emerging leaders to create a life of success and influence by discovering purpose; Cultivating their gifts and abilities to live a prosperous and abundant life: Spiritually, personally and professionally. 

Shontorial is the Founder and Owner of Walking In Purpose Coaching, LLC where she coaches and train emerging leaders to stand out in their industry with excellence, in addtion to individual coaching with women. As a Certified Life Purpose and Happiness Coach, Shontorial has a desire to see women walking in their God-given purpose, and living the most successful and prosperpous life that God has intended for them. Shontorial is the author of 30-Day Devotional, "I Have to Write It Down: 30 Days of Walking In Purpose and the visionary behind Women On Fire: Ignite Your Purpose Women's Empowerment Event. 


Meet Dawn Brake

Dawn is not a stranger to Women On Fire. She is a fire for the Lord, and she loves to advocate for spiritual health and wellness. Dawn is a health coach with the Faster Way to weight loss program. She is passionate about physical health and enjoys working out on a daily. 

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