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Walking In Purpose 

I believe everyone has a purpose on this earth, but purpose has to be discovered. When you are walking in your purpose, you are operating out of the talents and giftings that are in the core of your being. In this place, you will find joy, fulfillment and success in your soul, which will manifest outwardly in your family life, occupation, and everything that you whole-heartedly set your mind to do. My desire and passion is to support you in finding what you were born to do through reflections, challenges, and discovery of meaningful insight from a person-centered approach! I am excited to walk along this journey with you! 


Finding Purpose/Clarity


Personal/Professional Development

Goal Setting & Strategic Planning

Vision Casting

Overcoming Challenges In Transitions

Spiritual Transformation

Building Positive Relationships In the Workplace

Rebounding From Loss & Trauma 

Family Engagement

Empowerment Sessions

Avoiding Burnout

Women Empowerment 

Ministry Events/Conferences

Marriage & Family Seminars

Customer Service

How to Become an Added Value in the Workplace

Team Building

Building Effective Leaders in Employees

Meet The Coach

Shontorial Gilbert is an highly motivated individual who loves to equip individuals with the tools he/she needs to become transformed, in living out his/her best self. Shontorial has a background in Psychology, and has studied skills and techniques in Professional Counseling. 

Shontorial is the author of "I Have To Write It Down: 30 Days of Walking In Purpose," and has worked as a Family Advocate for over 6 years. Shontorial has also Studied Abroad in Israel to become equipped in working with people from a diverse cultural and socio- economic background. Shontorial's skills include integration of Christianity into coaching and  in working with others of a different or non Christian Faith. Competencies in coaching include: Motivational Interviewing and Strength Based Coaching. 

My Approach

If there is a problem, then there is a solution! You have what it takes to problem solve, and I can help you find those solutions. The answer to life's greatest problems lies deep within you. You can discover your greatest self through overcoming challenges and gracefully walking through difficult life transitions. The potential is within you! I have spent the last 6 years of my life overcoming obstacles from major life transitions. It is my call to walk along beside you, empower, equip and support you in discovering your greatest self. It does not matter whether your transition is positive or negative. I am here to walk through life with you!


Approaches we will use:

Journaling, Visualization, Meditation, Reflection, Person Centered/Solution Focused Approach, Narrative Talk, Affirmations and Soul Care

Getting Help

Getting the help you need is a sign of strength. If you desire more out of life, you have to be willing to do what it takes to get to where you desire to be. Coaching is a two-way relationship, you have to do the work to see the best results. You will be amazed at how your life can change by implementing different strategies to target specific areas of your life.


Finding Purpose & Clarity


Marriage, Family

& Career


Goal Setting & Strategic Planning


Personal & Professional Development

Before working with Shontorial, I did not have much confidence. I was balled up in a nutshell. Walking In Purpose Coaching has helped me to develop self-confidence. Before, I allowed things to continually happen even though I knew I wasn't being treated fairly. Shontorial has empowered me to stand up for what I believe in and empowered me to understand that I cannot please everyone. I've learned to tackle new ventures! Even though I may stumble along the way, I must keep going! Working with Shontorial was a pleasure!

Jarlessia H. Age 28

"Life sometimes will take you around many loops and curves and what seems to be a detour. Do not fret! Simply take the scenic route!"

- Shontorial P. Gilbert -

"I Have To Write It Down:

30 Days Of Walking In Purpose"

Just Released!

This book will inspire, guide, and help bring clarity to those who know they have a specific God-given purpose for their life, but do not know how to start recognizing and clarifying those parts of his or her life that will get them to where God has ordained them to be. 

What will your 30 day walk reveal to you?


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