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Seminars & Workshops
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Conference Speaking/Women Empowerment 

Purpose, Empowerment Sessions include Building your Self-Worth, Knowing Who God has Created You to Be, Self Care & Love, Breaking Free From the Past, Vision Casting, & Right Thinking. 


Family Engagement

Strong families make a difference! With the many priorities of career, work, ministry, and other duties associated with the roles of parents, this topic will introduce key components to strengthen families and fundamental elements in fostering positive relationships between parents and children. You will also learn how to balance family life to prevent overload and burnout.


Building Positive Relationships in the Workplace

If you desire effective teams in your workplace or ministry, your staff must have emotional intelligence to learn how to deal with different personalities they will encounter. Emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills will create a warm climate and likely increase productivity and boost staff morale.

Rebounding From Loss & Trauma

Although everyone's path or walk in life may be different, no one is exempt from experiencing grief, loss or trauma. With this topic, you will learn ways of processing feelings, picking up the pieces from the aftermath, normal processes of experiencing emotions, and how to put a system in place to support staff through these times, in addition to learning how and when to seek help during crisis. You will also learn how to cope with emotions by gracefully walking through the process and using mindfulness techniques.

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