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Healing Unforgiveness

Have you ever found yourself holding on to grudges against people, someone who has wronged you, or situations in life that have happened to you in the past?

If so, you are not the only one. Unforgiveness is an emotion that is powerful! It impacts the physical body, mind and soul, unforgiveness can be so toxic that it can hinder you from fully moving forward in life and living out your destiny and purpose.

Many people walk around unaware that they are holding on to grudges, unforgiveness, anger and bitterness against others or life it's self.

Often we think we have forgiven, but at our very core, we have not. How can you tell if you have truly forgiven?

  1. Do you still experience certain emotions around a particular situation, people, or the thought of someone's name or presence who has offended you?

  2. Is there are part of you that still desires to seek revenge around the situation, person or past?

  3. Do you still have a tender place in your heart when the idea of forgiveness is mentioned toward the situation or persons that have offended you?

  1. If you are dealing with any of the following emotions, ask God to search your heart and give you clarity concerning situations that need to be released. Ask for peace and healing in the broken places of your heart, so you can live freely.

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